Firma: BBDO Düsseldorf

Region: Düsseldorf



You want to learn strategy?

Proper strategy. Not moodboard strategy. Not buzzwords. Not digital ninjaism. Not tool warfare. Not how to do amazing keynote animation.

Simply how to solve business problems creatively.

Then give it a try. I won’t promise it will be simple. Or easy. But I promise you will come out a better planner. In case you doubt this, please feel free to contact Benjamin Pleißner, Franka Mai, Simon Knockton, Roman Koenigsmark, Lucas Conte, Jason Romeyko or Britta Poetzsch Péter Tordai Gabor Szanto Henrik Niehus

German is a must. Internship is obviously paid for.

Come on. Don’t be shy now. Just send a mail to Or send this post to someone who should try this.

Ansprechpartner: Gordon Euchler