Webinar „Internet of Things and Industry 4.0“

26.06.2020 9:00 - 11:00 ONLINE

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Machine Learning and Big Data driven Industry 4.0 are about to revolutionize how we do business. Only those corporations will survive these transformations that are able to adapt and apply the new digital technologies – too far advanced are the benefits of cost reduction through increased efficiency of new digital workflow designs, improved customer satisfaction by real time services as well as through increased operational effectiveness by new forms of human-machine-interactions and self-maintaining / self- correcting machines.

The Digital_Thinking School is a learning ecosystem and platform to exchange digital knowledge, ideas and projects. In the course of the two-hours Webinar we enable participants to understand and assess the Internet of Things driven opportunities:
• Connected user experience
• Operational effectiveness
• Value chain management
• New digital business models
• Human machine co-creation

LIVESTREAM FEES (APG members 20% off)
120.- Euro per person for Corporate participants.
70.- Euro for Freelance and Individual participants.




26.06.2020 9:00 - 11:00